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We are looking for Ichigo 100% wallpaper! If you have any of them and you like to share it, please send it to us so that we can host it for you. You can contact us using the 'Contact Us' form.

* Prefer your own original works

Problem fixed
Updated the site. The page problem should be gone. If see any problem with the page, please inform us. :)
Site problem
Currently having some problem with some of the pages. This mainly because I just upgraded the site engine to a new version yesterday. I'll try to fix as soon as possible.
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Postcard book scans added. It is under the game section. Sorry for taking so long to upload it to the site. ^^; m(-_-)m
Ichigo 100% v15-last chapter
You can find it here: http://download.khimhoe.net
We're Back!
After a long down time, we are finally back! I just moved the site to a new server with new domain name. So, remember to re-bookmark us! If you have any problems with the site, please let me know. Contact me using the contact form located at the menu.
Ichigo 100% Volume 18 (translated)
there was a problem with the previous file. please re-download it.
Ichigo 100% Volume 18 (translated)
Ichigo 100% volume 18 (translated in english) is out by yanime
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Chapter List
Chapter list updated and completed. ^^ (from volume 1-19)
Ichigo 100% Volume 19
The last volume of Ichigo 100% is out few days ago...
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